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We are setting up your first plan for you

Create your first Milestone

Click on a workstream to add milestones. Click "+ add a milestone" over on the right.

Top Tip: Don't worry about creating the milestone in exactly the right place - you can move it later.

Give your milestone a title

Click in the title box and type a title. Click on the green tick or hit enter to save it.

Top Tip: If the edit title box is not showing, simply click on the Milestone title to edit it.

Change the date of a milestone

Click and drag the milestone to the left. Left is earlier and right is later on the timeline. You can see the date on the Milestone and up on the timeline.

Top Tip: You can change the date of a milestone at any time to reflect how your plan is changing. Any changes are tracked and can be included in reports.

Now try giving your milestone a new status

Click on the green milestone triangle. Click the yellow, orange or red triangle to change the status.

Top Tip: The Milestone status can be used to indicate the priority, risk or anything else that you would like it to.

Now try giving your milestone a new owner

Click on your name, below the milestone title, and enter a different name. Press the green tick to confirm.

Top Tip: The owner is the person responsible for achieving a Milestone - it might be you or someone else. Later on you can invite people to Milestone Planner, if you wish. Then they can keep their own Milestones up-to-date.

Mark a Milestone as Completed

Click on the milestone triangle, then click blue to mark the milestone done.

Top Tip: In Milestone Planner, blue means complete. You can use the other types of status for anything you like - there is an editable legend at the bottom right of the screen.

Create a new Workstream

Click where you see: "+ add a workstream". Give your new Workstream a title by typing in the highlighted box.

Top Tip: You can divide your project into as many workstreams as you need.

Move a Milestone to a new Workstream

You have nearly mastered the basics of Milestone Planner! Try clicking and dragging milestones up or down from the first workstream into the new one.

Top Tip: By dragging milestones, you can rapidly update and reorganise your plans.

You've completed the Tutorial

Congratulations! You've mastered the basics of Milestone Planner. Build up your plan by adding some more milestones, then try clicking on the envelope icon in the bottom right hand corner of the screen and see what happens. Once you are happy with your plan then explore some of the other areas of Milestone Planner - e.g. the Dashboard

Top Tip: If you need help at any time there's a help button at the bottom of the screen. You can quit the tutorial and start to make your first plan now!

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